About Us

Offering Reliable Service

Mega Yacht Services Inc. is a company that boast highly qualified professional personnel and an internal organization which allows us to be available to you at all times, ensuring every detail, making your stay at the marina, as well as any other locations we recommend you to visit, an experience that would be great to repeat.

VIP Services

In addition, we can coordinate and ensure VIP reception at airports; transportation services in Cuba (including rides in old American cars!); hotel accommodations; domestic flight reservations; experienced guides/interpreters fluent in various languages; car rentals and/or professional drivers; expert-guided excursions highlighting the rich historical, socio-cultural and architectural heritage of the country; reservations at top restaurants offering high-quality traditional Cuban, international and fusion cuisine; visits to Cuban art galleries and encounters with prestigious Cuban artists; tickets to concerts and entry to clubs with the best of Cuba’s musical groups ranging from the traditional (Buena Vista Social Club, for example) to the top Cuban Salsa bands to Latin Jazz and more; presentations on the history and development of Cuba’s famous cigars, including visits to tobacco farms, cigar factories, encounters with cigar rollers and more…

Mega Yacht Services Inc.

Our agency can offer a wide range of services for your guests and crew, including the following:

These and many other services and specialized visits can be coordinated by our agency as per individual interests and guest requests – all with the goal of ensuring a most pleasurable stay for your guests and crew while in Cuba.