• Proof of Insurance will be required at check in
  • Check in Time is 1:00 PM - Check out Time is 10:00 AM
  • No Cuban born crew or passengers without prior arrangement


The crew must establish communication with the port authorities before getting into jurisdictional waters (12 nautical miles, starting on the insular platform). This communications with the port authorities can be established by channel HF (SSB) 2760, of the Red Costera Nacional (National Coastal Network) and 2790 of the Red Turistica (Tourist Network), or by VHF through Channel 68 of the Red Costera Nacional or by channel 16 of the Red Turistica.


Tourists are not required to fill in the customs declaration form. The possession of narcotics, pornographic materials, and firearms is forbidden, except for sports hunting weapons authorized in Cuba on arrival.
The possession of cash is unlimited, but it is recommended to declare if amount goes over 5 000 dollars since in order to re-export a similar or higher figure it will be required to present the corresponding customs declaration.

For further information you can visit the Customs of the Republic of Cuba website:


- All payments at facilities operating in foreign currencies in Cuba must be made with convertible pesos. Convertible pesos will remain at par with the US dollar at an exchange rate of one for one.
You may exchange US dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars, Pounds Sterling or Swiss francs for convertible pesos (CUC). The exchange rates for those currencies are set in accord with the exchange rates on the international market plus 8 percent as a result of the reevaluation of convertible peso (CUC) since April 9th, 2005.
Furthermore, when exchanging US dollars for convertible pesos a service charge of 10 percent will be levied, to protect Cuba's economic interests.
You may exchange convertible pesos (CUC) for US dollars or for other convertible currencies in any of the money-exchange offices in Cuba (at the current international exchange rate).

- Credit cards are accepted only when issued by non-US banks. Visa and American Express Traveler's checks are exchangeable at most Cuban banks.

- The consumption of any kind of meat coming from Europe and/or any other country affected by the “mad cow” disease or “hoof and mouth” disease is forbidden while the vessel remains in Cuban waters. This regulation also applies to poultry and eggs coming from areas affected by chicken flu (Avian Influenza).

- As part of the US embargo against Cuba, The Torricelli Act (1992) states: “….a vessel which enters a port or place in Cuba to engage in the trade of goods or services may not, within 180 days after departure from such port or place in Cuba, load or unload any freight at any place in the United States, except pursuant to a license issued by the Secretary of the Treasury”.


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